Kombucha Kit with Flint Bottles - Black and White Heather Bonnet

$100.00 each

This lovely kit comes with 5 Clear Flint EZ Cap bottles and a "Heather" black and white Booch Bonnet. 

1 x Kombucha Mother Culture (SCOBY with Starter Liquid)

1 x 1 Gallon Glass Jar (Just right for 2 cups of starter liquid and 3 Quarts or Liters of Tea without being overly full)

1 x 32 oz & 4 x 16 oz E.Z. Cap pressure rated glass bottles (perfect for bottling 3 Quarts or Liters of Kombucha)

1 x Heather Booch Bonnet

1 x Organic Cane Sugar pack & 1 x Black Tea pack for 1 batch of our Kombucha Recipe.

This kit will get you brewing in style with quality equipment that is meant to last and last. Our personal email support will ensure your success for the future. We will reveal our bulk sources for tea and sugar, as well as providing our recipe in printed and email form. We recommend a 1-2 gallon stainless steel pot with a lid for brewing tea, a metal mesh strainer for straining the tea leaves, and de-chlorinated or filtered water for brewing.